Welcome to the adventure that is Greek Life at Whitman College!

Greek Life has been a part of the Whitman experience for more than 100 years. Then, like now, membership in a Whitman College fraternity or sorority provides young men and women with lifetime friendships, personal development, academic support, leadership involvement, philanthropy investment, alumni networking, connections to campus resources, mentoring by older members, an active social life and being part of something larger than themselves.

Meet some of our Whitman Greek Students

Adyiam Kimbrough, ’19Adyiam Kimbrough, Class of 2019

Hometown:  Worthington, Minnesota
Major:  Politics
Campus Involvements: Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Co-president of First-Generation/Working Class (FGW), Green Dot Trained Bystander, campus jobs.

My Greek life story...

When I first came to Whitman, I was not planning on being in a sorority. I didn't think I was the "type" to do that. With all the negative media coverage on Greek life, I knew I didn't want to be a part of that. After getting to know people on campus that I saw as friends and role models, I realized that a lot of them are involved in Greek life and I decided to go through recruitment. After recruitment, I realized that Greek life isn't all about partying and exclusiveness, Greek life is a community where I am able to make new friends, create strong bonds, and reach out to the Walla Walla community. 

Greek life serves as a place for me to network and learn new things. I love that I am able to be myself and have a support system at the same time. I'm surprised of how accountable and inclusive Greek life at Whitman has been! I cannot wait to create more memories and grow within Greek life.

Jessica Kostelnik '18Jessica Kostelnik, class of 2018

Hometown: Golden, Colorado
Major: Rhetoric
Involvements on Campus: Alpha Phi Sorority, Sweets Women's Ultimate, Berney Elementary School P-ART-nership

My Greek life story...

I had never pictured myself in a sorority before I came to Whitman. That being said, some of my favorite teachers and female role models told me to give it a chance. They said that being in a sorority was something really empowering for them, it brought them a spectacular group of friends. When I arrived on campus, I still had my hesitations. However, when half of my residence hall section decided to go through recruitment I decided to join them. I quickly found myself engaging in conversations about the world, Kanye West, women's empowerment, cats, and books. It just clicked.

After pledging I still had my hesitations. It took me a while to warm up to the large group of women that were now supposed to be my sisters. But I got to spend more time with my pledge class, got a Big, moved into Section, took on leadership roles... my investment in my organization and the willingness to meet new people soon made me realize how much Alpha Phi is a community for me. I love that. I am someone who excels only when I feel that I have a community behind me. That's something my organization has really done to foster growth for me in college. Plus- by having more opportunities to lead within Alpha Phi, I have pushed myself and grown in ways I never expected. It really has evolved who I am. I think I am a better person because I joined a sorority.

Nadir Ovcina'17Nadir Ovcina, class of 2017

Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Major: History & Philosophy
Campus Involvements: Sigma Chi Fraternity, Intern at the Intercultural Center, Intern at Walla Walla chamber of commerce, intern with the committee to elect Maureen Walsh, bookstore employee, gym employee, dishwasher at Prentiss.

My Greek life story...

I'm a refugee from Eastern Europe, so explaining my involvement in Greek life is impossible to my relatives. However, I take great pride in my experience with Sigma Chi, the house that was incredibly welcoming for a first generation working class student like myself when I arrived as a freshman. Since then, we as a house pride ourselves in our involvement. For instance, Sigma Chi funded an expert psychologist in college sexual assault cases to speak to our campus. Sig is also a place where vastly different perspectives congregate for games of Catan and where mealtimes are abundant with diverse, educated arguments on politics and sports. I love Sig, it opened a whole network of disciplined and successful alumni who also share that love, and I couldn't imagine my Whitman experience without it.

Questions about the Whitman Greek experience?

Contact Barbara Maxwell, Associate Dean of Students/Student Programs
Reid Campus Center, Rm. 202
(509) 527-5208