Club Sports

Welcome to Club Sports at Whitman! There are over 15 active club sports teams with hundreds of involved students. This site contains information and links to resources for both current members of Club Sports teams and for students interested in getting involved. Have a look around and feel free to contact any members of the Club Sports Committee or team captains if you have questions!

Club Sports Mission Statement

We believe that students benefit from an opportunity to partake in intercollegiate athletics at the club level and we recognize that athletics can be an integral part of the overall experience of Whitman College. We strive to provide a positive environment that allows students to compete at the club level collegiately while maintaining a commitment to academic excellence.

Club Sports Committee

The Club Sports Committee provides support and supervision for the Whitman College Club Sports program. The committee (or a subset of the committee) meets every other Wednesday at noon in Reid 110. Please feel free to contact any member with questions, concerns, or feedback, or attend one of our meetings at any time to ask questions or get assistance.

Skip Molitor - Director of Club Sports
Sherwood 207
509.527.4970 or 509.301.8505

Leann Adams - Director of Student Activities
Reid Campus Center 202

Tabor Martinsen - ASWC Finance Chair
Reid Campus Center 210

Victoria Johnson - Administrative Asst. for SSRA
Sherwood Main Office

Zander Guzy-Sprague - Club Sports Intern

Molly Olmsted - Club Sports Representative

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