What is a man of God?  

A man of God is not someone who loves to brag about his walk with God
           he is one who simply walks with God and unassumingly becomes your friend

If a man sets about to enlighten you on exactly who God is,
       what he thinks, and how and why he moves in the ways he moves
                  consider it his “tell”. . . that he is not really a man of god at all

A man of god is someone who, in his search for truth, doesn’t even realize how close he’s passed
     to the soul of his Creator
         he never knows for certain he’s even found his God
             and may be the one most shocked when the angels proclaim,
                “well done thy good and faithful servant, enter into thy reward”

The truest sign of a man of god is his hunger for the truth,
         and his contentment with the fact that he may never know for sure

                  until it happens. . .when he’s finally allowed to see and know
                  what he has hungered for all his life

A man of god is a rare find.  You may meet many “posers” but few with true credentials
    for the proof is not issued by men or institutions, nor from magic words
           the proof takes place when one hungry man or woman meets another
                   and when one turns his or her personal quest into a helpful light for others

Dr. Ball was a rare find.  Each of us who knew him knows it and at last he sees and knows what he has hungered for all his life.

I am very happy for him and I rejoice
         I’m so thankful I can say, “I knew a man of god”

Mike Bugni ’80, religion major