Eating apples with a knife on a plate
Profound, fascinating cell group discussions
An unusual memory for names and faces of people
A small figure shooting by on a bicycle

The wide, cheeky grin
Endless conversations over decades at the dining table
Annual green Christmas letters of love, peace and family news
A sincere interest in my children’s lives

An intense ability to love and show love
Making Christmas paper snowflakes to paste all over 217 Fulton windows
Happy Christmas photos over the years of the Balls, their children and grandchildren
Cycling and lifting weights into his nineties,
cross-country skiing and hiking into her eighties…
an impudent disrespect of old-age

Hiking with the Cell Group in the mountains around Walla Walla
A deep understanding of the complex dynamics of love and an interest in real life love stories
An uncompromising dedication to integrity
An exceptional loyalty to friendship

Forever upbeat
Dr. Ball’s inability to show and feel anger
Extraordinary, remarkable, unique minds
Nancy’s tireless dedication to the principles of community
Great teachers in their own fields

George and Nancy’s singular intellect
A well-informed grasp and curiosity of world affairs
The warm welcomes at 217 Fulton
Nancy’s amazing desserts for dinner

Penetrating wisdom and willingness to share it
The great 1960 tree planted at 217 Fulton
Distributing home-grown vegetables to the neighbours
Walking tours of campus with Dr. Ball and my family every time we visited

A legend in the Whitman community
World travels
Generosity, loyalty, hospitality
Crowds of students around a small man

The popularity of and the annual scrabble to sign up for the Religious Studies courses of Dr. Ball
Discerning advice and counsel
An ugly littered corner on a Walla Walla street, lovingly transformed into a shared community endeavour and a gem of a garden

An aproned ninety-six year old washing dishes in his kitchen
A gentle and beautiful marital dynamic spanning many decades
A shared devotion and recognition by generations of Whitman students for this remarkable couple
Loved by so many

Indrani Sigamany ’80