What a blessing it was, for five decades, for Whitman College and Walla Walla to have such a generous colleague and community mentor.

Once in a while, someone would note that Whitman College, unlike other similar colleges, did not have a chapel. Yet we had something better. We had George Ball – an inspiration and role model for how we all should live and care for one another.

Dr. Ball brought joy, humility and civility to everything he did. He had the uncommon ability to bring out the best in everyone. He inspired us by his example and thoughtful comments, to try to be better. He had a rare intellectual talent for taking the most principled values and highest ideals of every culture and every religion and weave them into a splendid tapestry.

What a gift! George and Nancy have produced not only a remarkable family – they have made Whitman College and the Walla Walla community a remarkable place for learning, caring and sharing. They have enriched the soul of this very special place for liberal arts learning.

By Tom Cronin, Whitman College president emeritus