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About Whitman Art Collections

Sheehan Gallery manages and serves as a link to various art collections on campus, including the Davis Collection, the indoor and outdoor Sculpture Collection, the Print USA Collection, Historical Prints Collection, the Freimann Poster Collection, the Sculpture Collection, the Ruth Fluno Collection, and New Acquisitions. There are several exciting possible collection donations on the horizon and we are open to gifts. If you wish to view our current online collections catalogue, please click here. If you are interested in donating art or utilizing Collections for a class or project, please click here or on the links below.

The extensive Davis Collection comes from Tom Davis, who was an American banker in Japan for over 50 years.  He loved the people, the art, and everything else about his life there.  His many friends found him to be perceptive, entertaining (“the best storyteller I’ve ever heard”), understanding, and loyal to a fault.  After graduating from Yale in 1926 until his death in 1979, Tom Davis was at home in Japan.  Almost every year during that time (disregarding the war years when he was a prisoner) he left Japan for trips to Europe and America to visit friends and relatives, some of whom paid him return visits in his homes in Osaka (before 1960) and Tokyo.  His Art Collection was known only to his visitors before it was willed to Seafirst Bank and subsequently donated to Whitman College
            The Whitman College Art Collection contains a variety of treasures ranging from Buddha statuary to modern paintings and prints. Whitman College continues to acquire, as well as accept gifts from Alumni, art collectors, artists, and community members.

If you wish to donate Art or Funding to the Whitman College Art Collection, please        
CLICK HERE to contact Daniel Forbes, Director, or Kynde Kiefel, Exhibitions & Collections Manager