Whitman College Science Club

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Current Presidents: Michael Wert, Marisa-Claire Mumford
The president(s) has general supervision over the organization's activities and shall be responsible for contacting speakers and coordinating events.

Current Vice President: Faith Murray
The vice president will work in tandem with the president and accept responsibilities for event coordination as necessary.

Current ASWC congress rep: Marisa-Claire Mumford
The ASWC representative will act as a liaison between ASWC and the science club. The rep must attend all meetings and report results regularly to the club during meetings. If the rep is unable to attend a meeting, he/she must alert the alternate with at least three days notice.

Current Alternate congress: Faith Murray
Will be available to go to meetings in the event that the above is unavailable.

Current Outreach Chair: Hilary Stempel
Will serve as the clubs liaison with the greater walla walla community and will organize outreach and community service activities for club members.

Current Treasurer: Naomi Yang
Title description: The treasurer will oversee club funds and develop a working budget. The Treasurer has authorization to determine items for funding that are in the clubís best interest.