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Whitman's premiere co-ed a cappella group


Schwa is the premiere co-ed a cappella group at Whitman College. Founded in 2000 by two brilliant Whitman students, we have since grown into a full fledged a cappella ensemble. Schwa has always been a little quirky, and new Schwa members are quick to embrace the fun and loving atmosphere. You can get to know the current and past members on our meet us page.

What is a cappella?

A cappella (Italian for "from the choir") is vocal music or singing performed without instrumental accompaniment. Schwa uses voices from the whole vocal range - from the low male bass to the high female soprano. We also sometimes bring the beat with a little beat-boxing, a form of vocal percussion. Our mix of voices and talents gives us the flexibility to draw from a whole range of genres, which we take advantage of frequently. Check out our songs page to see our repertoire and watch videos.

Meet our friends!

We aren't the only a cappella group on campus. You can check out the other two groups on campus below, the all-male "Testostertones" and the all-female "Sirens of Swank". Check them out!

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