Effective April 2019:
In response to the feedback we received on a student survey in November 2018, the Registrar's Office is altering the method we use for assigning pre-registration appointment times. While this change will not be drastic, it will better address the interest we received in trying a new process. Up until this point we divided each graduating class group into two tiers and randomly assign appointment times within each tier. We rotated students in each tier from top half registration times to bottom half registration times each registration period.

Our new method will be to divide each graduating class group into four tiers and randomly assign appointment times within each tier. This process will ensure that each of the four tiers will rotate every registration period so all tiers will get the top, middle top, middle bottom and bottom registration time slots within a 2 year registration cycle. We will use the list of appointment times from the last pre-registration (November 2018) to divide the group into four tiers for pre-registration in April.

Another change is to allow 50 students to register in 30 minute time slot as opposed to 25 student per 15 minute increments to allow earlier access to courses.

The difference between the processes is that the tiers students are assigned to will rotate registration time slots thus guaranteeing they will not be disadvantaged twice in a row.