Forms have been made available online for the convenience of the faculty.  To use the forms: fill out all fields, and send or deliver the proposals to the Department Chair or Program Director.

Proposal to Add a New Course

  • The proposal to add a course is for any new standard courses, and to propose any special or variable topics courses.

Proposal to Delete a Course

  • All courses intended to be deleted may be listed on one proposal form.

Proposal to Modify an Existing Course

  • This form is for any modifications to an already existing standard course. To change the topic of a special or variable topics course, please use the proposal to add a new course.

Proposal to modify Major or Minor requirements

  • This form is to modify major and minor requirements.

Need assistance calculating the number of credits for a course? Please see: Calculation of Credits - a User's Guide

If the course requires the approval from the General Studies Committee for cultural pluralism distribution, please submit the following form to the General Studies Committee: Request for Cultural Pluralism Approval