Following are the main steps you will go through to select and register for your fall semester classes.

Steps in Registration:

  1. Account Activation
  2. Advising Questionnaire
  3. Take Placement Tests
  4. Planning
  5. Advising and Registration Process

If you need assistance

Account Activation

As a new Whitman student, you will have a Whitman College email and Network account created for you - However, you must "activate" your account before you can use it. The procedure is simple, but you will need your 7-digit Whitman ID number, which you received via email. Learn more about activating your Whitman account.

Advising Questionnaire

Before you can fill out your Advising Questionnaire you must activate your Whitman College email account (see above). As soon as possible after activating your account and completing any applicable placement tests, fill out the  Advising Questionnaire which can be accessed on this webpage, and submit it electronically to us. You must fill out this form prior to June 15. Filling out this questionnaire will help us assign an adviser that is best suited to your interests.

Take Placement Tests

Whitman College offers  online placement tests in calculus, chemistry and foreign languages. The tests for calculus and chemistry are for your information only and could help in determining the appropriate level for you. If you intend to register for a class in any of the foreign languages, you need to take the  online placement test prior to July 15. If you have missed the deadline, do not worry as there is still time for you to complete the test. Please do so at your earliest convenience.


After reading through this registration webpage and the online Whitman College Catalog, use the search for classes and wish list tool on to select the courses for which you would like to register. New students will be able to register for up to 14 academic credits (including the General Studies course, which is required), with the possibility of adding additional credits during the add/drop period. Be sure to keep in mind the distribution requirements as listed in the "General Studies Program" section of the catalog as you select courses. 

Advising and Registration Process

In preparation for fall registration, you’ll meet virtually one-on-one with your pre-major academic advisor to select classes and talk about requirements. Staff from the Registrar’s Office and the Dean of Students Office also are available to assist with registration.

  • Group Advising Session — First-year students will attend a virtual group advising session with Senior Associate Dean of Students Juli Dunn to discuss advising, distribution requirements, registration and expectations around academic integrity. Group advising is required for all first-year and transfer students. The sessions will run between June 2-13.  Sign up for a session.
  • Department Advising — All incoming students can sign up for optional advising appointments with individual departments.  See the list of optional sessions.
  • First Year Seminars — You will receive information about the required  First Year Seminars and descriptions of the different learning communities by June 15. You will need to submit your four preferred learning communities by July 1. You will learn which course you have been assigned to when you receive your schedule from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Pre-Major Academic Advisor — First-year students will schedule a video appointment to meet with an academic advisor between June 29-July 15. Pre-major advising is required for all new students. Your pre-major academic advisor will help you create your course wish list.  Find an appointment time.
  • Class Registration — The Registrar’s Office will use your wish list to create your final course schedule, including adding a section of the First Year Seminars. You will receive your schedule on Aug. 1, and will be able to make changes during the first week of classes.  Learn more about registration.

A suggested course load for incoming students is 15-16 academic credits. You will have the first two weeks of the semester to make any additional changes to your schedule and through the sixth week to drop classes without record. 

New students will be allowed to register for up to 14 total academic credits, with the option to add another course after all first-year registration appointment times are completed. If you choose to add this additional course, you will work with your advisor during registration and submit an  Additional Course Request form at that time. 

During your individual advising appointment, use your Proposed Schedule worksheet and Course Wish List to review the classes you are interested in taking in preparation for registration on Saturday.

Transfer students will receive an email to schedule their registration appointment after their credits have been transferred to Whitman. Senior Associate Dean of Students Juli Dunn will conduct the advising and registration for transfer students over the phone in mid-July.

If you need assistance

The staff in the Registrar’s Office is available during the summer months to provide assistance in getting answers to your questions. Call 509-527-5983 or email