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Major/Minor Declarations

  • Students must declare a major before the end of the second semester of their sophomore year. The major requirements for each student are dictated by the catalog at the time of declaration.

  • When students are sophomores and are leaning toward a specific major, pre-major advisers should encourage those students to get major-specific advising.

  • Students may declare a minor in their junior or senior year. The minor requirements are dictated by the catalog at the time of declaration.

  • Majors require 2/3 of credits be in residence.

  • Minors require 3/5 of credits be in residence.

  • Major and minor requirements will appear on the student's Academic Evaluation to assist in tracking progress toward completion.

Is an advisee thinking about changing majors? Do they want to see what an alternate major would look like?

Students can view how their credits would apply to any major requirements by accessing their Academic Evaluation on the portal. Choose a major by using the pull down menu under "Choose an alternate program".

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