First-Year Seminars: Asking Complex Questions (GENS-175) and Making Powerful Arguments (GENS-176). GENS-175 is completed by all students during their first fall semester at Whitman College, with the exception of transfer students entering with junior standing (58 or more acceptable credits). GENS-176 is completed by all first-year students in the spring semester. While transfer students are encouraged to enroll in GENS 176 as well, they may receive equivalent credit for a comparable course at another institution.

All students are required to complete the following distribution areas:

  • Cultural Pluralism – 2 courses totaling at least 6 credits
  • Fine Arts – a minimum of 6 credits
    • A student may not use more than 8 credits from any one department to satisfy the requirements in Humanities and Fine Arts.
  • Humanities – a minimum of 6 credits
  • Quantitative Analysis – one course of 3 of more credits
    • Courses counting toward Quantitative Analysis may also be applied to other distribution areas concurrently.
  • Science – a minimum of 6 credits, including at least 1 course with a laboratory
  • Social Science – a minimum of 6 credits

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