All students entering the College with fewer than 58 credits must complete the First-Year Seminars sequence (GenS 175/176). Transfer students who believe they have completed courses at their prior institution which are equivalent may petition the Board of Review to waive this requirement.

All students are required to complete the following distribution areas:

  • Cultural Pluralism – 2 courses totaling at least 6 credits
  • Fine Arts – a minimum of 6 credits
    • A student may not use more than 8 credits from any one department to satisfy the requirements in Humanities and Fine Arts.
  • Humanities – a minimum of 6 credits
  • Quantitative Analysis – one course of 3 of more credits
    • Courses counting toward Quantitative Analysis may also be applied to other distribution areas concurrently.
  • Science – a minimum of 6 credits, including at least 1 course with a laboratory
  • Social Science – a minimum of 6 credits

Click here for a list of all classes which meet the above distribution areas.

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