Welcome to the Bon Appetit section.  Here you will find information about the campus meal plans and learn what options you have.  Also, please visit Bon Appetit's web page at: www.whitman.edu/bon_appetit/ where you will find useful information that is pertinent to new students.

How to select your meal plan

Please go to www.whitman.edu/bon_appetit to select your Whitman College Bon Appétit Board Meal plan.

Click on ‘Meal Plans' in the menu at the top.  Then click on the 'Your meal plan' link which will take you to the my.whitman.edu web portal, where you will log in and follow the steps to select the appropriate meal plan for you.

Choose your meal plan based on your living arrangement and student status.  Please click only once when submitting your meal plan.  If you need to change your meal plan after you have submitted it, return to the Web address listed above and complete the process again choosing the corrected meal plan. You may make changes to your meal plan through the first week of class each semester.  At any point in the semester, you may sign up for additional Flex Dollars in increments of $50 which are charged to your student account.

If you have questions regarding your meal plan or Flex Dollars, please feel free to contact Erica Peters-Grende in the Bon Appétit Office at 509-527-5508 or e-mail petersed@whitman.edu.