Sharon Alker Coordinator (English), M Acuff (Art); Tim Doyle (General Studies); Russ Gordon (Mathematics); Julia Ireland (Pholosophy); Kazi Joshua (VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students); Helen Kim (Sociology, Interim VP for Diversity and Inclusion); Chris Leise (English)

Assessment: Asinine or Aspirational  REPORT

Description:  The overarching goal of this ITL was to create ethical approaches to intellectual and/or creative appraisal at the course, department and program level, that involve the student in their own self appraisal and that affirms the joyful, metamorphic liminal space of the dynamic classroom, while recognizing and exploring ways to integrate into appraisal how the student (as a whole being) learns.  We also wish to discover how to connect these approaches to our specific accreditation agency on terms that benefit our students.