Sharon Alker, Co-Coordinator (English/General Studies); Emily Jones, Co-Coordinator (German Studies/Environmental Humanities); Amy Blau (Penrose Library); Rachel George (Anthropology); Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French); Colin Justin (WCTS); Justin Lincoln (Art); Lydia McDermott (General Studies/Writing Center); Benjamin Murphy (Penrose Library); Mike Osterman (WCTS); Nico Parmley (Spanish); Melissa Salrin (Penrose Library); and, David Sprunger (WCTS). 
Thinking Digitally REPORT
Description: The course will be broken into units and would meet twice a week for 50 minutes. We also, as outlined above, have a solid sense of what the first unit will be (fundamentals of digital work).

Stanley Thayne, Coordinator (Anthropology/Religion)
Politics of Salmon
Description: Fund field trips, to conduct summer field research in preparation for the courses and to produce course content, and to purchase course materials.

Politics Department -Paul Apostolidis, Susanne Beechey, Shampa Biswas, Phil Brick, Aaron Bobrow-Strain, Melisa Casumbal, Arash Davari, Jack Jackson, Jeanne Morefield and Centime Zeleke
Reimagining the Politics Senior Program REPORT
Description: To collectively rework our senior program and reach a new consensus on the structure of our senior seminar and senior thesis process. 

Penrose Library - Amy Blau, Julie Carter, Lee Keene, Ben Murphy and Melissa Salrin
Information and Society - Library 120 REPORT
Description: Libraries in the United States and around the world have historically promoted the values of equal access to information, patrons' rights to
privacy, and preservation of the cultural and historical record. At present, information is increasingly created, disseminated, and preserved online, and new models for corporate or public ownership of information are being tested. With these changes, many issues and challenges arise for information access, privacy, and preservation.

Sarah Davies, Juli Dunn, Courtney Fitzsimmons, Kurt Hoffman, Delbert Hutchison, Helen Kim, Libby Miller, Adeline Rother, Jenna Terry and Devon Wootten (Departments in order corresponding with the list of faculty: History, Student Affairs, Religion, Physics, Biology, Sociology, General Studies, General Studies/FLL, General Studies/English, General Studies)
Inclusive Pedagogy in Encounters: Addressing Sense of Belonging and the Problem of Exclusion among Students and Faculty REPORT
Description: To centralize the importance of belonging in Encounters by reading, researching, and defining our own defination of belonging and by operationalizing this defination through various programmatic efforts and interventions for faculty and students who participate in the Encounters program.