Nick Bader (Geology); Angela Cota (Geology); Kirsten Nicolaysen (Geology); Kevin Pogue (Geology); and Grant Shimer (Geology)  REPORT
Modernization of common lab activities for introductory geology classes.
Description: Our goal is to update the now decades-old laboratory activities that are common to all of our introductory geology courses, incorporating current technology and techniques.

Barry Balof (Mathematics); Susanne Beechey (Politics); Nathan Boland (Chemistry); Jan Crouter (Economics); Andrea Dobson (Astronomy); Doug Hundley (Mathematics); Michelle Janning (Sociology); Leena Knight (Biology); Thomas Knight (Biology); Timothy Machonkin (Chemistry); Erin Pahlke (Psychology); and Brooke Vick (Psychology)
Strengthening Liberal Arts Education Through Interdisciplinary Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy
Description: Our working group seeks to revitalize current curricular practices focused on developing quantitative reasoning and literacy (QRL) skills and to create academic resources for both students and faculty geared toward boosting QRL. Our goal is to promote effective critical thinking skills in our students campus-wide while building infrastructure to support our underrepresented minority and first generations students.

Shampa Biswas (Politics); and Bruce Magnusson (Politics)
Decolonizing International Relations    REPORT
Description: Our primary goal is to rethink the structure and readings for the introductory International Politics course away from the implicit Eurocentrism in its existing form toward a more "global" approach. Our secondary aim is to explore the use of simulations in the teaching of international politics.

Dana Burgess (Classics); Heather Hayes (Rhetoric Studies); and Lydia McDermott (General Studies/Writing Center)
Written and Oral Communication Center
Description: We plan to develop an oral component for the existing Writing Center.

Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French); Jen Mouat (General Studies); and Susan Babilon (FLL-German)
Languages4Kids: language and culture in after-school programs  REPORT
Description: Since January 2013, French4Kids and its sister program German4Kids have introduced over a hundred Walla Walla Campfire kids to French and German language and culture through songs, games and crafts. Each 12-week session provides eight hours of language instruction in half-hour segments. Whitman College student volunteers gain experience in lesson planning, classroom management, and leading large and small group work. We have 3 semesters of unfunded experience in our pilot and seek to develop a sustainable model for coordination and continuity of the program.

Julia Ireland (Philosophy); Kaitlin Justin (WCTS); and Wyatt Thomas (Student)
"Philosophie auf Deutsch" Languages Across the Curriculum" Course
Description: This proposal aims to create a course template for "Philo sophie auf Deutsch," which is 1-2 credit Language Across the Curriculum overload that will be regularly taught by Julia Ireland. The proposal has two main goals: To research content for this Spring's iteration of the course ("German Moral Thought") with the goal of making it more intellectually rich and varied; and to create a technological infrastructure that makes course materials easily accessible and the posting and revising of assignments interactive and collaborative. The inclusion of a collaborative 'rolling' translation is a particularly innovative aspect of the proposal.

Justin Lincoln (Art); and Albert Schueller (Mathematics)
Makerspaces   REPORT
Description: A faculty course development project to introduce students to methods of Makerspaces.

Kaitlin Justin (WCTS); Lydia McDermott (General Studies/Writing Center); Ben Murphy (Penrose Library); and Melissa Salrin (Penrose Library)
GenS 3xx: Advanced Composition with Primary Sources
Description: This project involves designing and teaching an upper-level Composition course that focuses on archival research.

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