Susanne Beechey (Politics), Melisa Casumbal (Politics), Bruce Magnusson (Politics), Helen Kim (Sociology), Suzanne Morrissey (Anthropology), Nicole Simek (FLL-French), Lisa Uddin (AHVCS) and Zahi Zalloua (FLL-French)
Race and Ethnic Studies Foundations Course Development
Description: Develop a syllabus for a new, interdisciplinary foundational course for Race and Ethnic Studies (RAES).

Donghui He (FLL-Chinese)
Walk the Walk: Translation Workshop
Description: Develop a one-credit Chinese/English translation workshop to advance Chinese language study in upper level division Chinese language classes and beyond.

Leena Knight (Biology), Thomas Knight (Biology) and David Sprunger (Technology Services)
Exploring Science at the Cutting Edge - using electronic lab notebooks and innovations in technology to push biology teaching labs into the 21st century.
Description: The goal is to implement innovative technology (e.g., ELNs, iPads and multi-user server system) in biology teaching labs to: promote peer-based learning; improve data management, analysis and presentation; and, to enhance hands-on science exploration.