Sharon Alker (English), Patrick Belanger (Rhetoric & Media Studies), Bob Carson (Geology), Denise Hazlett (Economics), Donghui He (FLL-Chinese), Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French), Jack Iverson (FLL-French), Christopher Leise (English), Mary Anne O'Neil (FLL-French) and Dean Snider (SSRA)
Canada: An Interdisciplinary Course (for 2012-2013)
Description: This project involves designing and teaching an interdisciplinary course centered on Canadian Studies in the 2012-2013 year.

Dana Burgess (Classics)
Innovations in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, With Emphasis upon Instruction in Writing
Description: Support for training toward an Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), with an emphasis upon instruction in writing.

Scott Elliott (English)
Walla Walla Whitman   Imaginative Writing Partnership
Description: This project will give a number of talented Whitman writing students the opportunity to combine the knowledge and skills they gain in creative writing courses with the experience of teaching imaginative writing to younger students in Walla Walla public schools.

Kurt Hoffman (Physics), Peter Crawford (Music), Keith Farrington (Sociology), Wally Herbranson (Psychology) and Matthew Prull (Psychology)
Interdisciplinary Seminar: What is Music?
Description: The project will focus on developing an interdisciplinary seminar for students majoring in the fields represented by the participating faculty. The seminar will be organized around the theme of music with students tasked with developing a sophisticated answer to the question, "What is music?". This project is an outgrowth of the work completed through a CDLTI grant.

Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French)
Making it up as we go Along: Theater Sports and Foreign Language Teaching
Description: Develop a one-credit foreign language course that uses the theatrical improvisation principals of theater sports to improve oral communication skills.

Michelle Janning (Sociology), Robert Street (Admissions) and Jennifer Mouat (Language Learning Center)
Creating a Sociology of Education Course and Pre-Education Advising Program
Description: The two central goals are to develop a course in the Sociology of Education and to build a framework for an advising program in Pre-Education that would fit into the liberal arts mission of the College.

Justin Lincoln (Studio Art) and Lynn Vieth (Penrose Library)
Increasing Visual Literacy Through Data Visualization
Description: The primary goals of this project are to incorporate the theory, practice, and technology central to the emerging field of "data visualization" into Lincoln's New Genre Art Practices courses while simultaneously increasing Penrose Library's instructional and research capabilities to better support the study of new media and visual culture, as well as digital humanities initiatives across campus.