Allison Calhoun (Chemistry)
Mathematical, Graphical & Molecular Modeling Techniques
Description: To Integrate the use of mathematical, graphical & molecular modeling techniques into Physical Chemistry course (CHEM 345/346)

Patrick Frierson (Philosophy)
Climbing Towards Autonomy
Description: The project involves getting students in my Education and Autonomy course to participate in climbing clinics and learning experiences on Whitman's new climbing wall in order to incorporate a physically demanding and new sort of learning process for reflection during our more text-based class discussions.

Jim Hanson (Rhetoric & Film Studies) and Nick Robinson (Rhetoric & Film Studies)
Debating in the 21st Century: Multimedia & Teleconferencing
Description: To develop instructional materials and programs for debate training using multimedia and teleconferencing. 

Lee Keene (Library) and Michael Paulus (Library)
Primary Sources Seminar
Description: To design this newly added course (Primary Sources Seminar) and its syllabus in addition to providing stipends to team-teach this class in Spring 2011. 

Timothy Parker (Biology)
Student driven scientific ecological research in a teaching laboratory
Description: To purchase equipment to implement a long-term ecological field study so that I can provide the students in my Ecology course with an authentic and intellectually challenging research experience that develops their abilities as scientists & ecologists. 

Deborah Wiese (Psychology)
Shinrigaku: Psychology in Japan
Description: To create a three week summer course on cross-cultural psychology that focuses on Japan and includes field-study in Japan.