Thanks to generous gifts provided specifically for this purpose, Provost and Dean of the Faculty Alzada Tipton is pleased to announce requests for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (ITL) grant proposals. These grants are intended to support projects that are to be initiated during the 2018-2019 academic year. Applications  for projects are reviewed twice a year by the Center for Teaching and Learning Steering Committee. The dates for proposals this year are October 19, 2018 and March 15, 2019. Depending  on the project and the availability of funds, applications may be accepted at other times of the year. For inquiries, contact Lisa Perfetti, Chair of the Center for Teaching and Learning steering committee. The three primary goals of ITL grants are: 1) to enhance the quality, while also expanding the range and accessibility, of learning experiences offered to Whitman students; 2) to provide faculty and staff with resources to develop improvements in student learning; and 3) to cultivate linkages among diverse elements of the academic program, curricular as well as co-curricular.

All faculty members develop new courses or make revisions to existing courses in order to keep up with advances in the field and make changes in readings, assignments or other course aspects to better meet the needs of students in a course. These grants are intended to support pedagogical changes that have special resource needs and/or take faculty members into pedagogical research beyond their areas of expertise, perhaps involving collaboration with multiple other faculty or staff members. Descriptions of previous ITL-funded projects can be located, by year, on the left sidebar of this page. A few examples of the kinds of projects funded are:

    • Developing programs that cultivate in our students diverse forms of literacy, including but not limited to quantitative reasoning, written, oral, and performative expression as well as modes of media and technological literacy.
    • Developing ways to enable our students to think across disciplinary boundaries and/or to make connections between what they learn inside as well as outside the classroom.
    • Integrating new forms of technologically-enhanced learning into a course.
    • Integration of a significantly new pedagogy into a course.
    • Designing or significantly redesigning a program of portfolios for majors, a gateway or capstone course in an interdisciplinary program, or a lab experience.
    • Experimentation with new approaches for assessing the quality of student learning in a program or major.

ITL grants cannot be employed to support a domestic or international short-term off-campus study experience for students. If you are interested in such a program, please contact Susan Holme, Director of OCS.

Guidelines for 2018-2019 Innovation in Teaching and Learning Grant Proposals

Grants will be awarded only to those projects that have the potential to effect significant transformations in the learning experiences of Whitman students. Grants will typically range from $1,000-$10,000 (although grants for larger amounts will be considered if exceptional need can be demonstrated and justified). Grant awards may be expended over a period of up to two years. After two years unused funds will be returned to the pool for new grants. ITL grants may not be renewed. Successful projects created using ITL grants may be continued beyond the project period with support from external sources (grants or donor gifts) or a request initiated through the annual college budget process.

In addition to the cover form (see below), applications should not exceed five (5) typed pages and should include the following items:

    1. An application cover form available for download here (ITL Cover Page (.pdf) or ITL Cover Page (.doc)).
    2. A description of the project you intend to pursue, including an indication of how that project is related to existing courses, curricular objectives, and/or programs of study. If you are requesting a stipend for course redesign, please list a few preliminary resources you plan to consult.
    3. A rationale for the project that aligns it with one or more of the three primary purposes of the ITL grant program (see above).
    4. A budget detailing projected expenditures and a timeline for completing the project (see below for more details).
    5. A description of the expected results or products of the project (e.g. revised course syllabus; technological innovation; etc.).
    6. An indication of what would be required, in terms of staffing, funding, and/or other resources in order to render the results of an ITL grant sustainable for three to five years following completion of the project supported by the grant.
    7. A plan for assessing the results of the proposed project that addresses one or more of the primary goals of ITL grants (see above). The assessment techniques should be meaningful and concrete, but may be qualitative and/or quantitative.

Submit an electronic copy of the application (including the application cover form) to Qi Jia, Senior Academic Assistant in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty ( Please include an updated CV or resume for each participant.

Budget Guidelines

Support may be requested for travel expenses; conference registration and related costs; supplies and equipment; and stipends.

Travel:  Allowable domestic travel expenses may include lodging; ground transportation; registration costs; food; airfare for coach rate only; and mileage reimbursed at current IRS rate (note that the College encourages staff and faculty to consider rental vehicles, which can be less expensive than mileage). There is a maximum food allowance of $75 a day for travel. Whitman College does not reimburse on a per diem basis; original receipts are required for all reimbursements.

Equipment and Supplies:  Any equipment purchased with ITL funds will become the property of Whitman College.  For requests involving technology, please consult with David Sprunger, Director of Instructional and Learning Technology, prior to submitting your application.

Stipends:  Stipends recognize the faculty or staff time involved in developing a significantly new approach that focuses on improving student learning. Generally speaking, stipends support pedagogical inquiry rather than research of course content: i.e. how to teach more than what to teach. For example, a team of faculty may devote multiple meetings to exploring a cross-disciplinary skill, the result being either a newly redesigned core course for an interdisciplinary program or a set of teaching approaches to address common challenges. Individual faculty revising a course should provide a few examples of scholarship on teaching and learning or other resources they will consult in the process of redesigning the pedagogical approach of the course. Resources are available in the CTL upstairs in Penrose Library and Lisa Perfetti can also recommend others. Stipends are typically no more than $1,000 per participant.  For teams of faculty greater than three participants, an additional stipend of $500 may be requested for the additional work of the facilitator. The CTL encourages involvement of Whitman staff members in ITL projects, but staff participants should first discuss their participation with their supervisor before the application is submitted.

Because the development of a course taught as an overload is typically not sustainable over the long term, applicants are not encouraged to apply to the ITL for funding for a new course that cannot eventually be incorporated into their normal load.  However, the CTL recognizes that occasionally the piloting of a 1-credit or 2-credit course can eventually lead to a significant redesign of an already existing course or a reconfiguration of offerings within a program.  Faculty may request $2000 to pilot a course beyond their load and teach it in either the fall or spring semester.  Faculty teams are welcome to apply although the total amount of stipends may need to be limited.

Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committee of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and that Committee will advance recommendations to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty.

Preference in selection will be given to proposals submitted by tenured and tenure-track faculty, Senior Lecturers and Senior Adjunct Assistant Professors and/or full-time staff members. Participation by other members of the instructional and support staff requires a paragraph explaining how such participation will enhance the ongoing academic program of the College.


All grant recipients must submit a written report, not to exceed three pages in length, within three months following completion of any given project. Stipends will be issued upon receipt and review of the report, which should be submitted to the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty, c/o Qi Jia ( These reports will be made available for viewing on this website. Written reports should address the following questions in light of the three primary goals of ITL grants (see above):

    • Did recipients complete what they set out to complete?
    • What are the products of their efforts in terms of content, format, and public dissemination?
    • Do any of these have potential long-term positive effects on the curriculum or academic program more generally?
    • How many students were directly involved or indirectly impacted by the grant?
    • Did the project enhance the quality of learning experiences offered to students?
    • What evidence do you have that demonstrates impact on student learning (if applicable)?
    • What were the limitations or failings of this project, and how, in retrospect, might they have been better addressed or remedied?

Final reports will be reviewed by the Steering Committee of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and no future proposals for ITL grants will be considered if a report from an earlier ITL supported project has not been submitted.

Lastly, grant recipients are expected to present the results of their project to the campus community in the Faculty Forum, a Center for Teaching and Learning program, or some other community forum within one or two years of its completion.

Please direct any questions you may have about ITL grants to Qi Jia, Senior Academic Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty Office (; Alzada Tipton, Provost and Dean of the Faculty ( and/or Lisa Perfetti, Associate Dean for Faculty Development (