Sharon Alker, Co-Coordinator (English/General Studies); Emily Jones, Co-Coordinator (German Studies & Environmental Humanities); Amy Blau (Penrose Library); Rachel George (Anthropology); Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French); Colin Justin (WCTS); Justin Lincoln (Art); Lydia McDermott (General Studies/Writing Center); Benjamin Murphy (Penrose Library); Mike Osterman (WCTS); Nico Parmley (Spanish); Melissa Salrin (Penrose Library); and, David Sprunger (WCTS). 
Thinking Digitally    Alker/Jones - Workshop Report
Description: Formulating a definition of digital humanities is no easy feat. Scholars in the field have been struggling to synthesize the wide variety of scholarship and pedagogy that appears under that field. Elaine Gardiner and Ronald G. Musto, in The Digital Humanities: A Primer for Scholars and Students (Cambridge UP, 2015) have pointed out that in bridging the multifaceted discipline of the humanities and computer science, digital humanities seeks both to look at how digital tools can reconfigure humanities studies and to assess how the humanities can help us understand how the digital is transforming our comprehension of ourselves, our modes of expression, our morality and aesthetics. This project aims to engage faculty in a variety of disciplines in an investigation into these questions and their potential to increase students' digital literacy. By starting small (planning and then initiating a two credit course) we will be able to retain quality, but the intent is to begin a project that will have a far greater influence across the college in three ways.