Aaron Bobrow-Strain, Coordinator (Politics); Sharon Alker (English/General Studies); Melisa Casumbal-Salazar (Politics); Scott Elliott (English); Michelle Janning (Sociology); Bruce Magnusson (Politics); Lydia McDermott (General Studies/Writing Center); Suzanne Morrissey (Anthropology/Interdisciplinary Studies); and Lynn Sharp (History).  Report - Bobrow-Strain Workshop
Scholarship on the Blurry Borders Between Academia, Nonfiction, and Other Ways of Writing Life
Description: This faculty workshop will explore debates, controversies, and experiments around non-normative scholarly writing form by academics and non-academics. Examples include the academic memoir, scholarly narrative nonfiction, co-authorship with research subjects, works of fiction grounded in academic scholarship, and writing by non-academics engages with scholarship in rigorous (if non-normative) ways. Particular attention will be given to considering the way that incorporating non-traditional scholarly writing into syllabi can enrich (or detract from) our classes.