Kisha Schlegel, Co-coordinator (English); Lisa Uddin, Co-coordinator (Art History & Visual Cultural Studies); Emily Jones (German Studies & Environmental Humanities); Adeline Rother (General Studies and Foreign Language & Literature-French); Jakobina Arch (History); Rebecca Hanrahan (Philosophy) and Hilary Lease (Biology).  Report - Schlegel/Uddin Workshop
Thinking Animals
Description: "Thinking Animals" addresses how nonhuman animals can be understood and incorporated into scholarly disciplines and creative practices that are traditionally the domain of human questions, concerns, and capacities. The emergent field of animal studies, along with more established areas like the environmental humanities, nonhuman geography, and critical race studies, have placed considerable pressure on the autonomy and stability of the "human" vis-a-vis that which is designated as beastly, wild, nonhuman, more-than-human, or otherwise animal. This group seeks to engage and elaborate on these pressures by creating a space for faculty to explore the relationship between animals and humans across disciplines.

These discussions will allow faculty members to create informed and innovative lesson plans and course materials that address these cross-disciplinary concerns. For instance, Jessica Cerullo intends to incorporate animal studies into her movement class. Emily Jones will develop a class on animals in German thought and literature. Kisha Schlegel intends to use animal/human histories to contextualize the literature in her ENGL 181 "Humanimal" class (first taught in Fall 2014). Hilary Lease intends to incorporate lessons on the interconnectedness of humans and animals. Adeline Rother will develop a thematic thread involving the literature of animals, which she will use if given the opportunity to teach "Introductory Studies in French Literature." Rebecca Hanrahan will teach a class in the spring of 2016 on Animals and Philosophy.