Devon Wootten, Co-Coordinator (General Studies); Nicole Pietrantoni, Co-Coordinator (Art); Jessica Cerrulo (Theatre); Renee Archibald (Dance); Justin Lincoln (Art); Paul Luongo (Music); and Kisha Schlegel (English).     Report - Wootten/Pietrantoni Workshop
Navigating the Intuitive: The Pedagogy of Creativity
This workshop engages the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching the creative arts. Unlike more traditional academic disciplines, in which the criteria of mastery are well-articulated, the creative arts - whether dance, music, acting, visual art, or language - often struggle to justify their conceptual, practical, and pedagogical rigor. This workshop will examine primary texts in a variety of disciplines as well as secondary theoretical texts with an eye toward understanding the terms, concepts, and practices that animate our professional and pedagogical engagements with the creative arts. 

Our project necessitates a cross-disciplinary approach. Our investigation into the pedagogy of creativity benefits from the contributions of a wide variety of practitioners. Workshop participants include studio artists Nicole Pietrantoni and Justin Lincoln, dancer and choreography Renée Archibald, composer Paul Luongo, actor and director Jessica Cerullo, and writers Kisha Schlegel and Devon Wootten. Our provisional syllabus includes works from Beethoven, the conceptual writing of Kenneth Goldsmith, performance from Ernesto Pujol, as well as texts that address improvisation, the pedagogical value of failure, student motivation, empathy, and possible strategies for the evaluation of art.

The workshop aims to answer the following broad questions: What are the unique challenges and opportunities involved in the teaching of creativity? What pedagogical strategies are available to us and how can these strategies facilitate student success in- and outside of the classroom? How can our own creative practices inform and enrich our students' creative engagement with the world? And finally, how can we conceptualize creativity within the context of a liberal arts education?