Janis Breckenridge, Coordinator (Spanish); Daniel Forbes (Sheehan Gallery); Kynde Kiefel (Sheehan Gallery); Justin Lincoln (Art); Sarah Hurlburt (FLL-French); and, Nicole Pietrantoni (Art).   Report - Breckenridge Workshop
The Art and Architecture of Visual Narration
Graphic novels-hybrid literary and visual texts engaging diverse themes of historical, social and aesthetic import-readily lend themselves to cross-disciplinary study. This workshop, which builds upon a 2012 CDLTI on the art of storytelling and the teaching of graphic texts (narrative and pedagogy), intends to focus upon the artistic innovations of these hybrid works. We will study wordless texts, non-traditional graphic novel formats and comic exhibitions on gallery walls together with theoretical/secondary texts on comic composition, page layout and the art of graphic novel design more broadly.

Workshop participants include four faculty members representing three academic departments (Spanish, Foreign Languages and Literatures and Studio Art) together with Daniel Forbes and Kynde Kiefel of the Sheehan Gallery. We propose to examine visual storytelling through the wordless masterpieces of Lynd Ward and Frans Masereel; through diverse deconstructions of the book format with Guillermo López Peña's Codex Espangliensis, Pascal Rabaté's Fenêtres sur rue, matinées, soirées and Chris Ware's. Building Stories; through David Mazzucchelli's highly stylized masterpiece Asterios Polyp and through Dylan Edward's questioning traditional gender and genre spectrums in Transposes. The final session--a roundtable in which each participant will present on a particular artist, exhibit or museum--will focus specifically on gallery exhibitions of comic artists as a way of looking ahead to the Fall 2016 Sheehan Gallery graphic novel exhibition.

The goals of this faculty workshop include becoming familiar with the rich and varied forms of this hybrid literary/artistic medium, engaging in close analysis how visual imagery and verbal text interact and examining various ways in which these artistic texts have been displayed on gallery walls. Following this workshop, participants intend to incorporate graphic novels and comic theory into their teaching, their portfolios, their repertoire and/or their scholarship.