Additional programs associated with the CTL include:

Faculty Mentoring
Whitman offers two mentoring programs, one for faculty in tenure-track positions and one for faculty with non-tenure-track appointments. Mentors provide teaching and career advice, help socialize new faculty members into the academic culture at Whitman, address questions about promotion and offer social support. Some activities of the mentoring program take place in a group setting while others take place one-on-one. One-on-one mentoring has been linked to higher job performance, and more importantly, increased job and life satisfaction.

If you would like to be matched with a mentor, or are interested in training to become a mentor, please contact Michelle Jenkins at (for tenure-track faculty), or Mitch Clearfield at (for non-tenure-track faculty).

Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS)
The COWS is committed to working closely with students in order to meet their writing goals. Our aim is to provide students with a safe and receptive space in which to write, and with the tools they need to approach academic writing with confidence and zeal.

Written and Oral Communication Initiative (WOCI)
The WOCI collaborates with the COWS to provide a variety of services for academic programs across the departments and curriculum.

English Language Fellows Program (ELF)
The ELF program pairs writing fellows with students for whom English is a second languish.