Journal Subscriptions: 

The following journals can be accessed online as well as in print. If a print edition of the journal is needed the CTL subscribes to the following journals which are available on the shelves outside of the Center office.

The following journals are accessible only in print outside of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Teaching Excellence - Toward the best in the academy
  • The Teaching Professor

Additional Resources: 

The Center for Teaching and Learning also maintains a collection of books related to teaching and learning. The CTL's library covers many subject areas and further information can be found on the Print Resources Page.

In addition to the journal subscriptions and books the CTL has indexed various other resources that are helpful for the development of teaching methods and learning resources. To see these resources visit our additional resources page.

Online Resources:

In addition to the online subscriptions listed about the Center for Teaching and Learning is continually reviewing online resources. Please check back as this list changes. You may browse by category: 

The CTL also indexes various other online resources that may be helpful in finding information concerning teaching methods and practices:

Please e-mail Helen Kim, Chair of the CTL Steering Committee, if you have suggestions to bolster the collection.