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"Phikeia" is a term used by the fraternity to describe a pledge of Phi Delta Theta. Phikeia has no direct translation from the Greek language, but the term has special significance to the members of Phi Delta Theta. Being a Phikeia is everything you want to make it. The only practical difference between being a Phikeia and being an active member is that you can't go to chapter and don't get to vote. You won't be asked to do anything that wouldn't be asked of an active.

There is no hazing at Phi Delt. As a Phikeia you are encouraged to come to social functions (and clean up in the morning), come to formal dinners, play for Phi Delt IM teams, participate in philanthropy and house projects, and hang out at the house. The purpose of the pledge program is to allow you to get to know the house and for the house to get to know you. This will be a period of growth and struggle, but most of all, a lot of fun. Being a Phikeia demands a level of commitment to the house and to the brotherhood. To initiate into Phi Delta Theta, you will need to demonstrate sound learning by earning a minimum 2.2 GPA, as well as prove to the house that you will be a valuable and contributing member of our chapter.

Current Phikeia:

(awaiting Spring pledges!)



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