Portraits of the Past

A Digital Exhibit

Featuring timeline glimpses of people and events of Whitman College from the collections of the Whitman College and Northwest Archives at Penrose Library



The Portraits of the Past exhibit features an exploratory collection of photographs of the College's history over the past 125 years. In drawing from the expansive resources of the Whitman College and Northwest Archives, the following individuals designed and developed this resource, receiving invaluable insights through their partnership with Alumni Relations. The website was launched in April of 2014.


Dan Martensen, Systems and Applications Librarian, developed this web-based, interactive resource using his background in design and software development. He constructed the site using a client-thick model with object-oriented JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, approaches that are scalable and sustainable.


Benjamin Roberson, the student assistant for the timeline, was responsible for gathering and redacting material from the Whitman College archives. Benjamin's work as a curator, an editor, his training as a religious studies major focusing on history, and specific course work informed his understanding of how to create citations seen on this website. Benjamin will be pursuing a career in international law.


Ben Murphy, Research and Instructional Librarian, provided reference assistance and editorial oversight during the process of selecting timeline images and writing descriptive captions. Ben also is involved with promoting this project and sharing its relevance to other academic libraries and archives.


Melissa Salrin, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, provided guidance in selecting archival content and advised the project's creation and use of metadata.

Since its inception, the project has been generously supported by College Librarian Dalia Corkrum.

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