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Greetings and welcome to Whitman College.  As a new staff member you are joining a dedicated group of people who take great pride in their work, which supports students and faculty in pursuit of academic and professional goals. Everyday, I see staff members partnering with faculty to help deliver the Whitman education. I see staff use skill and heart; I see how they value adhering to exceptionally high standards of service and knowing that what they do makes a difference.

This combination of skill, heart and values defines the Whitman staff and illustrates why the Princeton Review repeatedly describes Whitman as running “as smoothly as butter.”  Staff are the reason so many of our students feel supported in their studies and in their daily lives on campus. Staff from departments across campus unite to ensure that our academic programs, learning facilities and campus grounds are among the very best in the country.  Staff feel a connection to the college, which likely is why the majority stay at Whitman for many years.

I see Whitman as an elite college that is not elitist.   Each member of our community is valued and respected.  Our vision of a Whitman education is one where deep and lasting learning occurs in an academic community comprised of people who see and have experienced the world differently from each other. In pursuing this vision, we recognize that students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences benefit the Whitman community as much as their Whitman experience benefits them.

As a college and as individuals, we have also established strong, supportive relations with the Walla Walla community.  I encourage you to get involved, not only in the life of the college, but also in the life of the community.

Thank you in advance for all the wonderful work you will do for the college.  I will look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

George S. Bridges



The mission of the Whitman College Human Resources Department is to provide full service, highly professional, progressive and consistent Human Resource policies, practices, and procedures, which will support the mission and educational goals of Whitman College.

We will provide a level of consistent excellence in the areas of recruitment, employment, compensation, benefits, training and development, employment law compliance and communication with employees, which will lead to the development of a positive work environment for Whitman College faculty and staff.

Primary Areas of Service:

  • Staff recruitment, employment and retention
  • Employee benefit administration and planning
  • Supervisor support through training and development
  • Employment law compliance
  • Human Resource policy formation, interpretation and communication
  • Employee relations/conflict resolution
  • Review of staff compensation employee record maintenance


FACTS ABOUT WHITMAN                                                 

Whitman College received its charter as a four-year, degree-granting college in 1883.  Since that time, the College has been a leading cultural and educational institution in the Pacific Northwest.  Whitman received the first college Phi Beta Kappa chapter in the Northwest, and was the first college in the nation to institute oral and written comprehensive exams in the major for seniors.  In recent years, as its reputation has spread, Whitman has garnered a considerable amount of praise in various national rankings of colleges.

Whitman is an independent, coeducational liberal arts and sciences college.  All of our students are undergraduates.  Our student body numbers about 1,450 and our full-time faculty about 134.  As an independent college, Whitman receives no support for our operating budget from government sources; the College depends upon support from endowment earnings, gifts and tuition revenue. 

Whitman College counts among her alumni a Nobel Prize winner in physics, a former United States Supreme Court justice, presidents of major corporations, leaders in law, government and the Foreign Service, and many prominent academic figures.  The College’s alumni include thousands of active responsible citizens who are making outstanding contributions to their professions, to their families and to their communities.

The College is situated in a pleasant residential neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from Walla Walla’s Main Street, which was recently named, by Sunset Magazine, the West’s best main street.  Walla Walla is an attractive, friendly city of 30,000, located in the southeastern part of Washington State.  It is known for its many art galleries, its symphony orchestra, its easy access to outdoor recreation and its 30 premium wineries.

Whitman’s main campus encompasses about 60 acres.  The clock tower on Memorial Building, constructed in 1899, is the campus’s most distinctive visual landmark.  In recent years, the campus has been transformed by numerous construction and renovation projects, including Bratton Tennis Center, Penrose Library, the new Reid Campus Center, and a new Science Building.  The campus also includes a 30-acre athletic complex several blocks from the main campus and a 26-acre wilderness campus in the nearby Blue Mountains.



Whitman College and the city of Walla Walla have a relationship that is rooted in shared history, in economic progress, and in many hundreds of personal friendships and associations. The relationship is, of course, a two-way street.  The College depends upon the city’s good will and the city benefits by the College’s continuing success.

The Whitman College Town-Gown Award was established in recognition of the importance the College places on community service and strong community relations. The award is given each year to a Whitman College faculty or staff member who has contributed notable service to the Walla Walla community.


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