Rio Blanco, Ecuador

When you return to Whitman, we expect that you will want to share some of what you have learned off campus with the campus community or greater Walla Walla. You will gain a greater understanding of the world during your off-campus experience that when shared can help others learn more about the world outside our borders. There are numerous ways that you can contribute to Whitman or the Walla Walla community when you return and we hope that you will consider participating in some of the following activities:

  • Annual Whitman Off-Campus Study Fair

  • Study Abroad or U.S.-based Program Orientations

  • Whitman Undergraduate Conference

  • Annual Off-Campus Study Digital Image Contest

  • Alumni Ambassadors

  • Campus-wide presentations with other students with similar off-campus study experiences

  • Advising prospective students on off-campus study opportunities

  • Events at Interest Houses

  • Joining the International Students and Friends Club

  • Volunteering to assist new immigrants to Walla Walla or other groups in the community.  Visit the Center for Community Service web site by clicking here.

  • Writing about your experiences for the Pioneer or Blue Moon