Through Middlebury College, Whitman students of French language can enroll in courses across several disciplines at Le Centre Madeleine, the headquarters of the Middlebury School in France, as well as in one of several partner institutions in Paris.

Fields of study:

French language and literature, economics, history, art history, philosophy, politics, theater, psychology, sociology


A cumulative 3.0 GPA in college French courses.

Language Prerequisite:

At least five semesters of college-level French or the equivalent

Semesters Offered:

Spring, full academic year


Spring: January – May or June (depending on direct enrollment university)
Full year: September – May or June (depending on direct enrollment university)


Required Courses – 5 courses per semester:
French language at Le Centre Madeleine (3 credits)
Optional course at Le Centre Madeleine (3 credits)
Three to four courses at one of a number of Paris Universities

Credit Conversion:

1 Middlebury credit = 4 Whitman credits


Homestay with French family or in student resident halls
(Middlebury requires that students not live with English speakers.)


Students who live with a French family have several board options ranging from just breakfasts to breakfasts plus 4-5 shared meals per week.  Students are allowed to use their family's kitchen.


Available to qualified candidates in government agencies, NGOs, businesses, the media, educational organizations and the arts

Program Link:

Middlebury: Studies in Paris program