The CIEE: Khon Kaen Development and Globalization program based at Khon Kaen University in Khon Kaen, Thailand allows students to study development and globalization as they pertain to the region they will be studying in and also the world. Through coursework and community integration, CIEE Thailand program participants will investigate issues related to development and planning, the environment, peace and justice studies, and sociology while studying the Thai language. The semester will culminate with students working either in small groups or individually to develop a research plan and a project in a community or organization previously visited and studied as part of the program.

Fields of study:

Intensive Thai language, development & planning, environmental studies, peace & justice studies, sociology


Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 (Whitman requirement)

Language Prerequisite:


Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring


August –December, January – May


15 semester credits - Required Courses:
The Human Perspective on Development & the Environment (6 credits)
Directed Research/Field Study Practicum (3 credits)
Social Research Methods (3 credits)
Intensive Thai language (3 credits)

Credit Conversion:

1 CIEE credit = 1 Whitman credit


Off-campus accommodation with a Thai roommate when not on community visits and staying with host families


Students are responsible for their own meals taken at the University cafeteria or at local restaurants.




CIEE General Scholarship and Grant Information

Program Link:

CIEE: Khon Kaen Development and Globalization