Working during Studying Abroad

  • When budgeting for study abroad, it is best for students to assume that they will not be able to earn any extra money by working while living outside the United States.
  • Most countries do not permit foreign students—including US study abroad students—to engage in paid work, even on campus. When entering a country on a student visa, foreign students will not automatically have the right to work.  Most nations want to ensure that their own citizens can get jobs and they have strict limitations on which foreign visitors may work. Without a formal work permit from a host country, study abroad students will not be able to work legally there.   Students should check with their Whitman OCS adviser about the particulars in their destination country.
  • There are a few ways for students to work abroad legally. For example, BUNAC offers temporary work permits for a fee for Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and intern opportunities in Britain. We recommend that students focus on their studies during their semester or year abroad, and consider work opportunities through BUNAC for the summer before or the summer after study abroad.  Note that BUNAC permits must be obtained prior to departing for the U.S. Details can be found at: