Communicating with Whitman While Abroad

Contact Information

  • Upon arrival overseas, students should send Off-Campus Studies their new address and cell phone number as soon as they know them by emailing If students do not want their address and other contact information available to the public, please let us know. 
  • While abroad, students need to check their Whitman email accounts on a regular basis, as Off-Campus Studies sends important messages about security, course registration, etc. to all students abroad via e-mail. (moved and combined)

OCS CLEO Account

  • Important information for students related to their semester abroad can be found in the student’s OCS CLeo account.  Students can log into CLeo and find their own information under OCS + the term they are abroad (eg OCS 2018 SP).  Students may need to click “More Sites” to view their OCS CLEO site, and scroll down to arrive at their CLEO Drop Box.  Students will find important academic and financial information in their CLEO Drop Box, such as:
  • OCS Approval Notification (communicates contingencies & comments regarding the student’s Whitman OCS approval)
  • OCS Course Approval Form (original OCS approved courses and how they transfer)
  • Post-OCS Semesters Course Information Form (lists the student’s intended Whitman classes for the semesters following OCS)
  • Financial Award Summary (the student’s program costs and Whitman aid award for OCS semester(s))


  • A month prior to on-line course registration at Whitman, all students studying off campus will be alerted about the procedure for registering for the next semester of classes back at Whitman via e-mail by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Web registration for fall semester at Whitman occurs in mid-April and web registration for spring semester occurs in early November.
  • Students should be aware that the Registrar will send registration directions and information to them via their Whitman e-mail address only, and should make sure that they continue to check their Whitman e-mail account.
  • Students may access the class schedule by clicking on “Search for Classes” in the Student Toolbox, on the Student Home Page at, (typically) several weeks before on-campus registration begins. Students needing assistance during registration should contact the Whitman Registrar at or (509) 527-5983.


  • The Office of Residence Life will send students an email with housing information concerning the housing selection procedures for on-campus housing the semester before they plan to return to Whitman. As long as student forms are received by the deadline stated in their information, the off-campus student will be included in the regular housing assignment process.
  • Please note that the College does not provide services for arranging off-campus housing. If a student wishes to live off campus the semester they return, we recommend they make arrangements before going abroad. Students can, however, reserve a one-bedroom, off-campus, Whitman-owned apartment in advance, through Off-Campus Rentals. Contact Cindy Russell in the Business Office for details about reservations and deposits. She may be reached at