Suggested Readings

Students should read about the history, politics, current events, and other cultural aspects of their destination country before arrival. Having background knowledge about the host country helps students get the most out of their academic experience abroad, and gives them local context.

Prior to departure we highly recommend that students do the following:

  • Read at least one or two books about their host country/destination
  • Read the English-language newspaper of their host city
  • Watch online news from their host to learn about current issues and brush up on language skills (if relevant)
  • Purchase a guidebook to have as a reference while abroad. There are several different series of guidebooks designed for budget travelers that include information about low-priced accommodations and restaurants, as well as many practical details such as bus schedules, train stops, student discounts, etc. The most popular guidebooks among college-age travelers include:

Useful Internet Sites for Pre-departure Information