Evaluation of Academic Work & Grades

  • Students should be aware that while abroad, the type of work and methods of evaluation might differ from what they are accustomed to at Whitman.
  • In many countries mid-term and final exams carry much more weight than they would typically at Whitman.  Finals can be worth 70-100% of  the course grade.  Papers, presentations and class participation may count far less toward grades than they do at Whitman.
  • The grading scale at foreign universities and at center-based programs abroad can be quite different from that at Whitman.  For instance, in some locations university students receive the equivalent of “A” grades only in truly exceptional cases and are routinely awarded grades that are considered mediocre by U.S. standards.

Final Exam Schedules

  • Whitman requires students to take their final exams overseas on the regular date when they are scheduled for abroad.
  • Students enrolling in foreign universities abroad may discover that their university has a lengthy reading period prior to finals.  Students should not expect to reschedule exams for an earlier date and should plan to remain in their host country until the date of their last final. 
  • Whitman will not proctor make up examinations in Walla Walla for students who wish to return home early.

Grade Appeals

  • Whitman College does not have the authority to change grades received from study abroad programs.  If a student feels that they have a strong case as to why they should have received a different grade for a course abroad, the student should contact their study abroad program provider directly to inquire about the process for appealing a grade. Although Off-Campus Studies does not have any control as to whether or not grade appeals are accepted, we would like to meet with students about their grievances before the grade appeal process with the program begins to provide support.