Drop/Add Abroad

Dropping Courses:

  • Many foreign universities and study abroad center-based programs have a much stricter drop/add period than Whitman College, if they have one at all. Most drop/add periods abroad only last a week or two weeks.
  • Off-Campus Studies recommends that students clarify the final date to drop/add and the process involved at their host university immediately upon arrival.
  • If a student fails to drop a course before the period expires, and ceases to attend the course, they will receive a failing grade on their transcript.   Please note that Whitman College cannot "remove" failing grades from study abroad courses on a student’s Whitman academic record, and that and all grades (A through F) will be posted on a student’s Whitman transcript.

Adding Courses:

  • Students who wish to add a course that has not been pre-approved for transfer credit by Whitman must obtain approval from Off-Campus Studies by contacting Barbara Hoffman, Assistant Director.
  • Courses that are vocational in nature and not considered “liberal arts and sciences” such as business courses, marketing, advertising, nursing, criminal justice, and broadcast journalism cannot be transferred to Whitman college even if the courses are offered on a affiliated study abroad program.