While you are abroad, Whitman’s primary means of communicating with you is your Whitman e-mail address.  It is imperative that you check it on a regular basis for important information from the college including class registration and safety information.  Please let us know if your access to e-mail is very limited at your study abroad location.

It is extremely important that you communicate to the OCS staff what your cell phone number and mailing address are once you arrive in your off-campus study program location.  Your contact information is an important tool in the event of an emergency or other unforeseen situation.    

Those of you studying in an international location should realize that your U.S. cell phone will likely not work abroad, or if it does, be quite expensive to use internationally.  Cell phones are typically inexpensive to purchase once abroad and the cost of the minutes you will purchase to use the phone is usually quite reasonable also.  We suggest that you research the cell phone providers in your host country thoroughly (or speak to a former participant on the program) before making a decision on which company you choose.  Be sure to clarify with the cell phone provider what the cost of making international calls is as many times the cell phone is not the cheapest way to call home.  

Some study abroad program providers are equipping program participants with cell phones for the purpose of getting in touch with their students in the case of an emergency.  Past participants have sometimes noted that calls made from program-provided cell phones can be very expensive compared to U.S. cell phone rates.  Be sure to check about calling and texting rates to avoid an unpleasant surprise as you are responsible for paying for any calls and text messages made with that cell phone.