The Year of Study in Munich program is based in Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Southern Germany, a friendly, vibrant city of 1.5 million. Managed by Lewis and Clark College, the program provides students with an immersive year of study in the German university system based at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU). Qualified students may also take courses at the Technisches Universtät München (TU), the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater München (The Munich Music and Theater Academy) and the Kunsthochschule (Art Academy). The program also offers about three optional courses each semester exclusively for program participants at the Lewis and Clark Institute adjacent to the LMU campus.

Faculty Adviser:

Professor Emily Jones (German Studies & Environmental Humanities)

Fields of study:

German studies, literature, history, politics, international relations, environmental studies, environmental science, economics, psychology, biology, chemistry, computer science, studio art, music, and theater.


Minimum cumulative gpa requirement 2.8 (Whitman requirement)

Language Prerequisite:

Students must have completed at least four semesters of German (GERM 206) or the equivalent.  

Semesters Offered:

Academic Year


early September through late July*
* Students may opt to arrive early for extra German language study in July and August prior to the start of the required program pre-semester course that begins in early September.


4 credits for Pre-Semester Program - Required Courses
Pre-semester courses, 5 weeks (4 credits)

16 credits for Semester 1 "Winter Semester" - Required Courses
Conversational German (4 credits)
Three elective credits (4 credits each) | Must include at least one university course plus other electives at the Lewis and Clark Institute.

16 credits for Semester 2 "Summer Semester" - Required Courses
Conversational German (4 credits)
Three elective courses (4 credits each) | Most of these will be university courses

Credit Conversion:

Most university and program courses are worth 4 Whitman credits


In a residence hall in the “student city” (Studentenstadt) of LMU about 30 minutes from the Lewis and Clark Institute and the LMU campus.  Typically students have a single bedroom and share a common living room and kitchen with other German and international students.


Students prepare meals on their own in their residence hall, eat at a student mensa (cafeteria), or purchase meals at many of the restaurants and eateries in Munich.


Student may do an optional, non-credit internship in Munich during the two months between semesters that are arranged by program staff according to the student’s interests.



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