For Whitman students wishing to study in a smaller city in the Southern Cone of Latin America, Whitman has partnered with IFSA in Mendoza, Argentina.  Students will enroll in an intensive Spanish language and culture course with a strong focus on the nuances of Argentine Spanish.  Program participants will take the remainder of their courses at the program center, at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, a public university known for its studio arts program, and/or at Universidad de Congreso, a smaller and newer private university in downtown Mendoza. All courses are taught in Spanish by Argentine professors.

“Living with a host family was such an amazing and helpful experience. IFSA does a really good job of matching students with host families. Some people lived with older single women, some with married couples, some with families with kids, and all with a variety of involvement and independence within the family (all of which you get to preference on the survey for family matching). Living with a host family was such a great way to improve my Spanish and learn about Argentine culture and family structure. I think the host family experience is crucial for study abroad if you really do want to integrate and immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country.” - Maria K. ‘17

Fields of study:

Spanish language and literature, studio art, art history, economics, politics, theater, history, geography, music, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and others


Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 (Whitman requirement)

Language Prerequisite:

Four semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent


15-18 credits per semester - Required Courses:
Advanced Spanish & Argentine Culture (4 credits) 
Two to four elective courses at the Center and local universities (3-6 credits each)

Credit Conversion:

1 IFSA credit = 1 Whitman credit


None, however, non-credit volunteer opportunities are available




Host family provides two meals per day Sunday-Friday and one meal on Saturday

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


July–December (semester 2); February–July (semester 1)


IFSA Scholarships

Program Link:

IFSA: Mendoza Universities Program