Through IFSA, Whitman students may enroll at the University of Melbourne, a national university of 40,000.  One of Australia's leading universities, Melbourne offers a broad range of courses and is especially strong in the sciences.  The university is located in the northern part of this multicultural city well-known for its parks, arts scene, passion for sports, and Victorian charm.  Students attending this program typically live with Australian and other international students in residential colleges or apartments near the university.

“I would highly recommend this program for someone looking for an urban abroad experience. If you want a change of pace from Whitman, but don’t want to go to a place that’s too culturally different from America, this is a great option. The variety of classes is higher than at Whitman, so you’ll have the opportunity to take classes that Whitman might not offer...It was nice to get a change of pace from the Whitman atmosphere, and it also made me appreciate the education experience I am fortunate to have at Whitman.” - Colin F. ‘17

Student Blog:

Miranda Huang | Spring 2016

Fields of Study:

Natural and environmental sciences, humanities, social sciences, including Aboriginal studies


Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0


16 credits per semester (4 courses)
A full course load consists of 50 University of Melbourne points

Credit Conversion:

12.5 Melbourne points  = 4 Whitman credits


In UniLodge, a privately owned student complex downtown, but within walking distance of the campus. Students may also apply to live on campus in a residential college.


Students who live in UniLodge are able to prepare their own meals or take advantage of numerous cafes and restaurants nearby.  Students who live in a residential college receive 3 meals daily.



Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


July-November (semester 2); February-June (semester 1)


IFSA Scholarships

Program Link:

IFSA: University of Melbourne