In cooperation with IFSA, qualified Whitman students may attend the National University of Ireland, Galway, in the Republic of Ireland. Located on the west coast of Ireland in a region where traditional Irish language and culture still flourish, the University offers students a chance to study with Irish students in a congenial and picturesque university town.

“Galway City is absolutely, positively beautiful. It’s got swans and shorelines in abundance, plus a surging/frothing river (Corrib) ripping right through the center of town. There’s a single ‘shop street’ teeming with cozy quaint pubs and street musicians...And the people were friendly. I once was walking to the post office, tottering and stumbling about under a ginormous pile of packages, when a girl on a bike pulled over and offered to share my burden. And this happened twice on the same trip!” - Zenora L. ‘17

Fields of study:

Archeology, English, classics, history, geography, economics, psychology
math, philosophy, politics, sociology, biology, chemistry, and physics


Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0


15-16 credits per semester
A full course load consists of 30 Galway credits

Credit Conversion:

6 courses (2.5 Whitman credits each)
1 IFSA credit = 1 Whitman credit




In an apartment-style student residence with other U.S. and Irish students


Participants prepare their own meals or purchase meals out

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


late August-December; January-May


IFSA Scholarships

Program Link:

IFSA: National University of Ireland, Galway Partnership