Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Whitman students may enroll at the IES Center in Vienna. The IES Vienna program offers courses in art history, politics, music, history, literature, economics and psychology taught by Austrian faculty in English and German specifically for US study abroad students. A special feature of the program is the opportunity to enroll in courses that focus on Central and Eastern Europe.  As a cultural center, Vienna offers a wide range of arts including opera, concerts, theater, world-famous museums and historic architecture. In addition, the program offers optional field trips each semester to locations such as Berlin, Dresden, Wroclaw, Salzburg, Prague and the Austrian Alps.

“Vienna was AMAZING. I loved the city and I felt like it was a perfect place to live. It was so easy and centrally located, which made travel super easy. I felt like Vienna was big enough to constantly explore but small enough to feel like I knew it well. I liked the people in my program and had so much fun learning from my surroundings and not in an academic way. I grew a lot as a person and developed more independence for myself.” - Liz C. '18

Faculty Adviser:

Professor David Kim (Music Department)

Fields of study:

Art history, music, politics, psychology, philosophy, German language and literature, history, economics, anthropology, religion, and sociology.


Minimum cumulative GPA requirement 2.8 (Whitman requirement)

Language Prerequisite:

None for students enrolling in English-taught electives.
Four semesters or equivalent of college-level German for fall semester students enrolling in German-taught or University courses.
Five semesters or equivalent of college-level German for spring semester students enrolling in German taught or University courses.


16-19 credits per semester - Required Courses:
German Language (4 credits)
Four Electives (3 credits each) or
Three Electives plus one 3-credit Internship (3 credits each)

Credit Conversion:

1 IES credit = 1 Whitman credit


English teaching internships in elementary or high schools.  Public service, business, and arts & culture internships are also available.  German language proficiency is not required for Education Field Experience or Public Service internships, but is recommended for Arts & Culture, and Business internships.


In apartments with Austrian landlords or an Austrian Resident Assistant, in a residence hall with Austrian university students, or in apartments with other U.S. students.


Students are responsible for preparing their own meals or purchasing them at the local mensa (student cafeteria) or restaurants.

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


August-December; January-May


IES Abroad Scholarships

Program Link:

IES: Vienna European Society and Culture