Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), students may enroll directly in SOAS, the only institution of higher education in the UK to specialize in the study of Asia, Africa, and the near and Middle East.  SOAS is located in the Bloomsbury area of central London.  The school prides itself on the level of individual contact that students have with instructors. 

“Because SOAS is so specialized, learning/academic conversations with peers never stop at the classroom. It was hugely beneficial to learn from peers and professors from so many countries around the world. I’m proud to have been a SOAS student.” - Evan G. '15

Faculty Adviser:

Professor Krista Gulbransen (Art History & Visual Culture Studies)

Fields of study:

SOAS specializes in the history, culture, economics, and environment of Asia, Africa and the near and Middle East.  Courses are available in art, archaeology, politics, economics, history, languages, and religious studies.


Cumulative GPA of 3.0 (GPAs below 3.0 will not be considered) and major GPA of 3.3 


16 IES Abroad credits per semester
Students register for four units per semester.  Current course listings for study abroad students at SOAS can be found in the module finder.

Credit Conversion:

1 SOAS unit = 4 IES credits = 4 Whitman credits




International Student Residence Hall located in central London. Students share a double room with another IES Abroad student.


Students are responsible for preparing their own meals in their residence hall kitchen or purchasing meals in restaurants.

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring


September-December; January-June


IES Abroad Scholarships

Program Link:

IES: SOAS, University of London