Through the IES: London Health Practice & Policy program, Whitman students can study current issues related to health care, public health practices and policy, and the structure and administration of health care systems.  Students enroll in courses at the IES Abroad Center (located near the British Museum) and take one health course at Queen Mary.  Students travel to Kingston, Jamaica for the final 8-10 days of the semester to study health issues in a country with a developing economy.

“If you are interested in a future career in global public health, this program is for you. The classes were focused on public health and I definitely feel like I learned a lot because I went in with no background knowledge on the topic. The Jamaica field study was where I feel like I learned the most--we were really immersed in the culture and health practices there, and it was just such an amazing experience.” - Nina D. '17

Fields of study:

Health studies


Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (3.4 GPA to be considered for course at the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford.)


16 credits per semester  - Required Courses:
Social Welfare Policy in the UK and Jamaica: a Service Learning Perspective and Practicum (6 credits)
Comparative Health Care Systems and Policies in Britain, Europe and the US | Fall only (3 credits)
Public Health in Europe: Issues and Social Policies | Spring only (3 credits)
Health course taught at Queen Mary (4 credits)
Study London Program elective course (3 credits)

Credit Conversion:

1 IES credit = 1 Whitman credit


Students engage in hands-on service learning and practicums throughout the program.  In London, placements are in public and private organizations related to providing healthcare, healthcare administration, and public health policy.  The practicum in Kingston, Jamaica takes place in community health clinics.


International student residence hall located in central London.  Students share a double room with another IES student.  In Jamaica, Kingston Field Study Apartments


Students prepare their own meals in the residence hall kitchen or purchase meals in restaurants.

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring


September-December, January-April


IES Abroad Scholarships

Program Link:

IES London Health Practice & Policy