The IES Abroad Granada - Study in Granada program provides students with exposure to Granada’s Islamic heritage in a Southern European setting, and a cross of cultures that is unique within the Hispanic world.  Advanced track students with sufficient Spanish skills have the option of direct enrollment at the University of Granada.

“I would highly recommend this program!! I absolutely loved it. Granada is perfectly sized and wonderful city with a rich multicultural history, lots of music/art/theater/cool things, close to the Mediterranean, close to the mountains, has the Alhambra, has trails right above it, is beautiful, is cheap, and has tapas. The IES staff also does a fantastic job of giving you resources and ideas for making the most of your time abroad and helping you deal with living in a foreign country.” - Alexandra S. '19

Student Blog:

Christy Carley | Spring 2017 and Peter Ramaley | Spring 2016

Fields of study:

Spanish language and literature, art history, economics, history, and other disciplines including Islamic and Andalusian studies


Minimum cumulative GPA requirement 2.8 (Whitman requirement)

Language Prerequisite:

Intermediate Program: 2 semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent
Advanced Program: 4 semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent


15-19 credits per semester:

Intermediate Program:

  • IES Abroad Spanish course (required, 6 credits)
  • IES Abroad English-taught areas studies courses (9-12 credits)

Advanced Program:

  • IES Abroad Spanish language course (required, 4 credits)
  • 4 Elective courses at IES Abroad (3 credits each)
  • 3 Elective courses at IES Abroad (3 credits each) plus an optional internship seminar (3 credits)
  • 2-3 Elective courses at IES Abroad (3 credits each) plus 1-2 Universidad de Granada courses

Credit Conversion:

1 IES credit = 1 Whitman credit


A wide range of internships are available in cultural management, social services, international relations, applied economics, tourism, education, and health sciences


Most students live in homestays, often with another IES Abroad student. Limited placements are available in Dorm Houses and in Colegio Mayores


Homestays – 14 meals per week
Dorm Houses – Students prepare their own meals
Colegio Mayores – 18 meals per week

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


September-December, January-May


IES Abroad Scholarships

Program Link:

IES: Granada - Study in Granada (Intermediate & Advanced)