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Crossroads: Pollination Biology in Sweden

Pollination Biology in Sweden experiences by 2011 participants ...

"Best part was being at the field station with the professional biologists and Professor Dobson in her element. I loved the intense schedule and the ability to spend the majority of my days in the field. I felt able to focus and engage actually in the material and learn a tremendous amount about an often ignored area of biology, which has so much to offer."

"Going out into the field and visually learning was amazing. It was very hands-on and I prefer that. The area was so rich in biodiversity, it made the learning experience more comprehensive.  I now feel like I have a holistic picture of pollination."

"I loved being at the Field Station with professionals who live and breathe pollination and entomology. It was invigorating to be surrounded by such willing minds and eager-to-learn students. Academically, it was intense."

"I enjoyed the integrative aspects of this course, combining lecture and field study. Going out into the field is what brings this science together. To actually see what we were studying rather than theoretically study something was fantastic."

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