Congratulations to the winners of the 13th annual Off-Campus Studies Image Contest. Once again this year's competition invited OCS participants to submit images that are unique, authentic and inspiring.  Each submission was accompanied by a statement explaining the image and how that moment impacted our student.  Whitman Bookstore gift cards ($75, $50, $35) are awarded in each category with the Best in Show receiving $100.00.

Below are the winners with their accompanying statements. To view a slideshow of all of the 2015 image contest entries, please see Photo Galleries – 2015 photo entries.

Best in Show - Zander Guzy-Sprague '17

Off-Campus Studies Program: Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, Fall 2015
This submission comes from the hills of Palestine, just North of the Palestinian Authority's capital city of Ramallah.  We had a day well spent, rock climbing with fellow Americans and a number of Palestinians.  The sunset over Ramallah was fantastic and the local food was even better!

Putting the Study in Study Abroad - John DeBuysser '17

Off-Campus Studies Program: SFS: Turks and Caicos Marine Resource Management, Fall 2015
Spanish Chain scuba site, South Caicos, TCI - A scuba buddy team ascends from a dive during the data collection phase of the Directed Research section. Writing fish species abundance on an underwater slate, held by diver on left, is one of several tasks we completed on multiple, 45-minute dives to depths of up to 70 feet.

Send Me There - Asher Jaffe '17

Off-Campus Studies Program: University of Otago in New Zealand, Fall 2015
Ben Lomond Saddle, Queenstown - My mom visited me after the semester ended and we traveled the west coast. Our first stop took us to Queenstown, which is dubbed the 'Adventure Capital of the World'. Since she is not an adrenaline junky, we instead hiked up for a few hours and got a great view of the city and surrounding valley.

Putting the Study in Study Abroad - Susie Krikava '16

Off-Campus Studies Program: SIT Ghana: Social Transformation and Cultural Expression, Spring 2015
In this image we are attempting to make pottery from scratch using traditional ceramic techniques passed down amongst the Ewe people in eastern Ghana. During our stay we had the opportunity to learn from different instructors about the various art forms like music, dance, and visual arts practiced in each region in Ghana. I am very thankful for the shared time and energy given by these artists and admire the remarkable talent they bestowed. It was an honor to participate in each an everyday artistic activity. - Photo Credit: Kwame Owusu

Send Me There - Dessie Weigel '17

Off-Campus Studies Program: SIT: Nepal Development and Social Change, Fall 2015
The view from my bedroom window of my home stay in the village of Larjung in the Anapurna range. Looking at Nilgiri mountain at 23,166 ft.

Putting the Study in Study Abroad - Lauren Benedict '17

Off-Campus Studies Program: Whitman Summer Studies in China, Summer 2015
Anna Melville leans over a map as she listens to a Nature Conservancy conservationist talk about environmental endeavors in Lijiang, Yunnan. After visiting countless environmental disasters throughout China -- bright green lakes that smell like dumpsters, litter covering even secluded trails, the city grime that only exists when 9 million people live in one space -- visiting this wildlife refuge was a relief. It made me realize the scale of China's pollution problem; while we here in the Pacific Northwest often take our pristine natural world for granted, in Lijiang the people have to fight just to have clean water for the fields.

Send Me There - Greg Holdman '16

Off-Campus Studies Program: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Fall 2015
This is Lake Bled early on a foggy morning. The stoic castle wrapped in fog and bathed in sunlight is one of the most beautiful and calming scenes I have witnessed.